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Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

Specializing in the production of oil casing, tubing collar, casing collar, short tubing

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  • Buoyancy anti - theft tubing short features [2019-03-26]

    In oil fields, most of the Wells are in remote areas and are difficult to manage, thus giving thieves a chance to steal crude oil. To prevent crude oil to be stolen further, although also installed at present guard against theft device, but...

  • Technical process and precautions for short tubing connectio [2019-03-26]

    When the oil pipe is in hot and cold weather, many pipe fittings of the vehicle can spontaneously ignite. If it is an oil pipe, aging and leakage will not only affect the normal operation of the vehicle, but also lead to the spontaneous com...

  • Briefly describe the machining optimization of tubing coupli [2019-03-26]

    In the production of tubing coupling, both ends of the tubing need to be twisted and processed to make the internal thread at both ends of the coupling more uniform and the quality of the produced coupling better. In order to solve this pro...

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