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Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

Tianjin fengbao petroleum equipment co. LTD

Specializing in the production of oil casing, tubing collar, casing collar, short tubing

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         Tianjin Fengbao Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin, an important comprehensive port city in northern China.
         The company is a new, modern, professional integrated production and sales service-oriented enterprise. We have advanced casing and oilfield accessories processing technology and experience. All our products are in accordance with API Petroleum Association standards, using high-quality raw materials, serving in automotive parts, ship parts, petroleum machinery, mining machinery, major oil fields and other fields. The company has good cooperative relations with many well-known oil well pipe production enterprises in China, such as Baotou Steel Plant, Baosteel Group, Anshan Steel Group, Tianjin Large Seamless Steel Plant, Hengyang Steel Plant and other major steel plants, ensuring stable supply and qualified quality. The company has always adhered to the principle of "honesty" as the foundation of the enterprise, and steadily made progress with the principle of earnest and rigorous, and constantly developed and strengthened.
         Our company's main products are: oil casing, tubing, transfer joints, coupling, special thread connection and other downhole, oil field accessories products, as well as seamless steel pipe, pipeline steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and so on.
         Main materials: J55, K55, N80, L80, C-90, C95, T95, P110, Q125, 13Cr-80, 13Cr-110, super 13Cr, 80S, 90S, P110S, double sulfur resistance, high corrosion resistance and other materials.
         Main specifications: tubing 1.9"-41/2" casing 41/2"-20"  buckle: 1.9"-20"  coupling: 1.9"-20".
         Main connection types: NU, EU, BTC, STC, LTC , JFE (Tenaris), Hydril CS, PH-6, Hunting (Hunting) TWO-STEP double shoulder threads, EX I J, premium connection and various special high-quality connection types. And the special threads developed by famous domestic steel mills: Tiangang TP-CQ, TP-FJ, TP-NF, TP-G2, Baosteel: BGT1, BGT2 and other special thread.
         We will be sincere service, excellent quality to meet every new and old customers. May we take the pace of the new era and work hand in hand to create brilliance!